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Comfort & Wide Shoes is proud to offer Florsheim Shoes in our San Diego Shoe Store. In 1892, Milton Florsheim began producing shoes in a small factory located in Chicago, Illinois. The first pairs of Florsheim shoes made by Milton and his father, Sigmund, were a remarkable combination of style, comfort and high quality workmanship.

Milton realized from the very beginning that a high quality product was only one of the factors necessary for success. He understood that a strong distribution network was the other key component and would be essential in making certain his exceptional footwear found its customers. Accordingly, he provided support that enabled a number of entrepreneurs to establish retail businesses, which made Florsheim shoes readily available to the consumers in hundreds of small towns and villages across the nation.

Thus, the Florsheim Company was formed on the breakthrough ideas of mass-producing shoes of exceptional quality, and the establishment of a strong, entrepreneurial dealer network. Not surprisingly, this combination was an immediate success.


Men's Florsheim Shoes

Florsheim Riva Black

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Great Lakes

GreatLake Gray


Great Lakes

Great Lakes Tan


Lakeside by Florsheim


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Around the turn of the century, Florsheim Shoes began exploring other innovative methods of distributing and selling its shoes that would enhance the already established network. These included expanding wholesale distribution to metropolitan areas around the country, and the opening of a series of company-owned retail outlets. These outlets became the Company's Flagship stores that displayed and sold the entire Florsheim Shoes product line. Now, the partnership that would help Florsheim Shoes grow from a small factory into a brand and organization valued and respected all over the world was firmly in place.

In May of 2002, the Florsheim Shoes trademark returned to its roots when purchased by Weyco Group. Weyco Group, located in Glendale, Wisconsin, is currently the headquarters of Florsheim Shoes. The senior officers of the company are fifth generation Florsheim and proud to carry on the family tradition.  They are committed to making Florsheim Shoes the leading dress and casual footwear brand by creating shoes that embrace Florsheim Shoe’s heritage of quality and craftsmanship and incorporate the latest in comfort technology and styling.

Florsheim Shoes knows that every foot is different that is why they make their shoes in lots of different sizes and widths. Florsheim makes their men’s shoes in sizes 5 through 18. Florsheim makes their men’s shoes in widths very narrow, narrow, medium, wide, and very wide. At Comfort & Wide Shoes we are proud to offer a selection of comfortable Florsheim Shoes in Meduim, Wide and Extra Wide (3E & 5E) Widths.  Please come in to our San Diego Store for a professional fitting the good old fashioned way; friendly, helpful and professional service.