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Orthofeet Advantage

Orthofeet manufactures advanced footwear, biomechanically designed to meet the needs of adults with limited mobility and those vulnerable to medical foot conditions.

For people with diabetes, an uncomfortable shoe can lead to more serious medical conditions including blisters, ulcers and ultimately amputations. Neuropathy, a loss of sensation in the foot, is a common complication of diabetes and can accelerate foot problems by masking the irritations of poorly fitted shoes. 

Armed with decades of expertise in foot biomechanics, Orthofeet designers are dedicated to providing an extraordinary wearing experience. The company pioneered many features to provide protective support, cushioning, ease of mobility and unsurpassed comfort. Orthofeet shoes also meet Medicare requirements for those with a diabetes diagnosis.

black dotOrthotic Friendly Design enhances function of Orthotics

black dotErgonomic Soles help cushion the foot, propel body forward

black dotPerformance Inlays including customizable options

black dotProactive Lining with super-comfortable seamless design

black dotHidden Depth Styling eliminates bulky appearance of extra depth shoes

black dotRemovable Spacers for a perfect fit

black dotWidths available - Women's up to 4E


Womens Orthofeet Shoes

Breathable Mesh Mary Jane two way strap