Comfort Wide Shoes & Orthotics 5521 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92117
(858) 576-6333

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Comfort & Wide Shoes San Diego

Lynn R.  Poway, CA 12/12/2010

Sad to say but I have wide feet and still desire a good looking shoe.  What I noticed upon entering was the neat, clean appearance AND the selection.  There was variety and style to choose from.  The staff was helpful and not over powering.  There was no high pressure.  

I used to shop at Nordstrom for shoes, but since they've gone to a "universal" B width, I find less that fits comfortably and was losing hope of finding what would suit me and look good.  A friend told me about this store and I'm so glad she did!

Johnny K. Bellflower, CA


December 11, 2010 What a wonderful shoe store.  Not only do they have the wide shoes that my feet need but a sales staff that is knowledgeable about creating a good fit without unnecessary sales pressure.

HERMAN O.  San Diego, CA December 4, 2010 It is so refreshing to finally find a shoe store that has a variety of wide shoes.  My picky 15 year old nephew loves the comfortable shoes and new styles.  Kudos to Lindsey.

Jan G. Scottsdale, AZ December 3, 2010 Wow! I just got back from standing in line for over 3 hours at a local book signing and realized I had never thought about my feet the entire time! I was wearing my new winter Fitflop clogs and wasn't even thinking about my feet until I was home and changing clothes. I am SO glad to have discovered these shoes

Mai N. San Diego, CA October 8, 2010 The shop is unique and rare and we are lucky to have it in San Diego. I mean, not everyone can or want to wear stilletos all day, like Sex and the City suggests. Comfort Wide  Shoes is not just for your grandmother's feet, but you may need to pay them a visit if your feet are burning and your back is aching after standing all day at work. For these reasons, I was on the hunt for the perfect shoe or insole that would alleviate some, if not, most of the pain.

I'm so happy to find this store because they have such a wide selection of comfort and wide shoes, like the name of the store. Yes, they have the grandma-looking shoes, but they also have cool, contemporary walking shoes; cute maryjanes, clogs, and loafers for work. I got a cute pair of mary janes that were on sale for $62.50 from $125 - that's half off!. The shoes include 3 pairs of inserts and insoles that would have costed, at least $50, for a pair.

They are an authorized SAS Shoe seller.  Also, there's a good selection of clearance shoes that are at least 30% off so if you find that the shoes are too expensive, you can check clearance.

I highly recommend this shop to those who work on their feet all day, nurses, people with wide feet, and people who want comfortable shoes.

Michael B. San Diego, CA July 27, 2010 Super-friendly, knowledgeable staff with a great selection for men and women.  

Dan L. San Diego, CA July 5, 2010 I am so impressed that I found a great fitting shoe. I could not believe they carried 5E. I liked the old fashioned shoe fitting. I will definitely be back!  

Tom G. Scottsdale, AZ July 5, 2010

What a shop.  Not only great shoes but even better service support during the fitting process.  Their sales guys are the best and real pros and what they do.  Allowed me to try several brands and even did a digital scan of my feet.  I bought Clark shoes and they have been a wonderful fit.  Looking forward to my next trip to SanDiego for a pair of hiking boots. Found them with luck as I used the internet for find the store 

Lindsey S. San Diego, CA July 5, 2010

I had the easiest time fitting my feet. This usaully is so hard to do!!!

Aj H. San Diego, CA June 18, 2010 Good place to buy shoes for people who are middle-age and higher.  Bought my boyfriend's grandmother's shoes here.

Chris V. Carlsbad, CA 05/12/2010 This is the place.  I have been having trouble with finding shoes that will fit my feet.  Comfort Wide had many styles and colors to choose from.  I found two pair of great fitting shoes.  I will be back.

Kit K. Scottsdale, AZ April 29, 2010 Found this shop by accident when spending the weekend in San Diego with friends.  Cute shoes and purses!  Found a great pair of shoes for Tai Chi practice.  Owner & staff very helpful.  Have gotten many compliments on shoes & bag that I bought.  Will definately visit on my next trip to town.  Prices very fair.

Michelle March 12, 2010 I have been buying shoes from Comfort & Wide Shoes at Clairemont Mesa Blvd in San Diego for several years now. The CWS team keeps track of my purchases; so if I want the same shoe next year; I don't have to guess which model or size. This time I requested a different shoe. It ended up being the wrong choice. The staff fixed my error by exchanging the shoes for the "right thing". He made it fast and easy--another definition of Comfort! Thank you for the excellent service.

Jerry at City Search February 18, 2010 "Best selection of Wide shoes I have ever ... The relaxed but professional attitude of the Salesman, Gary was really great. He helped me try on 5 different pairs of shoes and pointed out which ones would be best for my feet. I haven't had this kind of service for years. ..."‎ -
Tina L June 19, 2012
Rating: 4 stars
Hate shoe shopping because of my wide feet and high arches. I normally wear athletic shoes or flipflops because I was never able to find comfortable shoes. So, my friend was getting married and I needed nice shoes. I was dreading the thought of wearing heels. So in my desperation, I stumbled upon this store. I was figuring I wouldn't find any because I was expecting old lady orthopaedic-type shoes. They did have those but they also had a decent selection of stylish dress shoes! Thinking this was too good to be true, I asked the salesman to find my size. i tried them on expecting the worse and LO AND BEHOLD! they fit great and were SO DAMN COMFORTABLE! Holy man! I couldn't believe it! Long story short, I bought three pairs and had a great time at the wedding cause my feet didn't hurt. Hooray! i shall return!
This review is from "Andy C.". The names for the other review that I sent you is "LaHoral R." (review on2/7/2013)
Sarah L. March 6, 2013 Rating: 5 stars
I walked (limped) into the store and was met by Gary who right away asked me whether I wanted to just look around or if I had any questions. I really needed to find a shoe that wouldn't worsen the pain from my heel-spurs and plantar fasciitis. My mother had recommended that I get a shoe by EasySpirit, and so I was hell-bent on getting that brand name. He patiently worked with me for what seemed like an hour and finally brought a different brand name. The shoe was PERFECT. What a Great Attitude! Such incredibly thoughtful service. I would highly recommend this store to everyone. Now that's the way to do business!!! 10 stars wouldn't be enough.

LaHoral R March 7, 2013 Great place.

I spend 8-18 hours a day on my feet doing hard labor and I needed some good shoes. I looked this place up on yelp, seemed good, and went in to give it a whirl. The man the helped me, Gary, was extremely knowledgable. I told him my needs, my particular foot issues, and then we began testing out different shoes and insoles. He wasn't interested in selling me the priciest shoe, just the best ones for my needs and foot. I was VERY impressed with his professionality as well. Its a small store, and there were two other customers trying on shoes and he took turns interacting with us all appropriately, which can be very stressful and turn a normal sales clerk into an edgy rude one, but he was very experienced and well mannered. I would know, I've been in customer service for 10 years myself, and good service is a choice and I don't often think many people live up to at least the quality of service I provide. Gary happened to be exceptional.

I ended up buying a pair of shoes and inserts, which I dearly needed, determined the best for ME by a special, electronic machine that you stand on, and measures your weight bearing distribution. After the machine, and trying on the determined insert, I found it to be the best insole I've had yet, and therefore very accurate.

Loved it. However, not a place for extremely trendy shoes. These were mostly functional work shoes, geared towards comfort, not glam, which I could particularly careless about after a long day at MY job.

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Toni O March 9, 2013

Rating: 5 stars
After failing to find shoes that would fit a new Ritchie brace on one leg that I have to wear for six months, I found Comfort and Wide Shoes in Clairemont. What a blessing. I was beyond frustrated and Gary was wonderful. He was patient and creative and knew his business. I needed a shoe that wasn't hideous and had a removable insole for the brace. He found several for me, after other expensive specialty stores had been unable to help at all. His humor and dedication were remarkable and I will definitely go back to buy regular shoes after this dumb brace is
off my leg. I had never even heard of this store, and now will drive to Clairemont just to be sure I give Gary and this store my business. Though a small store, it seemed to have a large selection, and I will definitely get summer sandals there as their quality is perfect for my ripped tendon and specific (read picky) podiatrist requirements. VERY pleased with the store, the quality of the products, the selection, and the staff ... thank you Gary and Leanne!

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Robert Medima March 20, 2013 I bought a pair of Superfeet insoles that they recommended, and I seriously have no more back pain. Completely solved my standing/walking back fatigue issues.

I realized a few months ago that my lower back would get so tired and sore from just walking around and tanding... and not even for prolonged times. I have never had a back injury, so I did some research and realized it might be because of a lack of support in my feet. I always had slightly flat feet, but not completely, so I always just wore flat shoes thinking that's what would be more comfortable. Oops.

I went to Comfort Wide Shoes because I lived nearby and saw that it had good reviews already. I knew I needed some assistance and this wasn't something I could just pick out online, and they definitely were very friendly and helped me out.

They even have a sweet warranty where you can return the insoles if they don't work out for you- but I didn't need to. They helped me pick a pair of Superfeet insoles that had just the right amount of arch support, but
not too much. After the first day of wearing them, I immediately could feel the added support under my arches.

And now it's been over 2 months. Seriously, I throw the Superfeet insoles in all the shoes I wear now. To work, to go running, to go working out... it's freakin awesome. $40 does wonders... if you have back pain or something and it's from your feet support... go to this place to get that sorted out.

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Judy W March 23, 2013 Rating: 5 stars
I was so pleased to find this special shoe store today. I needed a shoe that would support and allow my foot to flex while it heals from a serious foot injury. My salesperson, Gary was so helpful and knowledgeable about all their shoes. He made me feel special, took great care of me, and came up with lots of choices for me. The prices were so reasonable for such high quality shoes, that I just had to get two pairs. I am excited to be looking more stylish while my foot is healing. Thank you, Gary, I will be back.