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 Custom Fit Orthotics

The Groundbreaking iStep SP5000 Technology

Foot Orthotics can correct these problems:

* Back Pain
* Headaches
* Hip Pain
* Shin Splints
* Heel Pain
* Spinal Alignment
* Arch Pain
* Sciatica
* Ankle Pain
* Neck Pain
* Knee Pain
* Foot Discomfort




Orthotics & Inserts

 Aetrex™'s iStep SP5000 is the most revolutionary digital foot analysis device ever created and iStep tests are recommended for all people who want to feel great on their feet.  In less than 30 seconds the iStep will capture your foot type, pressure points and shoe size and then help recommend the ideal footwear and Orthotics for your individual needs.

 Please come in for a FREE Digital Foot Analysis and try on a pair of the revolutionary Lynco Orthotics customized for your feet.  Your feet and body will be glad you did! This only takes a few minutes and you will feel the difference immediately


Lynco Orthotics Arch Supports

L400 by Lynco

Sports Orthotics
Cupped/Neutral Full Length
405 by Lynco
Sports Orthotics
Cupped/Supported Full Length
Lynco Orthotics L2200

Sports Orthotics
PoMemory Foam Full Length
L1oo by Lynco
Dress Orthotics
Lynco L105

L105 by Lynco

Casual Orthotics
Cupped/Supported Metatarsal Pad